10 signs that you are not drinking enough water

Water is essential for good health and also good skincare . It not only keeps disease at a bay but also enhances your outer looks . For youthful and healthy skin drinking water is utmost important . There are  many other signs that you need to drink more glasses of water rather than just 8 glasses of water a day .

10 signs that you need to drink more water
10 signs that you need to drink more water

1. Chapped lips :

The first sign you can easily notice in a dehydrated body is chapped lips . Dry flakes , moistureless lips can lead to blackness of lips . 
Chapped lips 10 signs that you need to drink more water
Chapped lips 10 signs that you need to drink more water

The small amount of water left on your lips after a cool sip, however, can linger on your lips and maintain fluid balance. Additional fluids during winter months because the cold air tends to zap the moisture right out of your skin and lips.

2. Fine lines and Wrinkles :

When your cells become dehydrated, your skin becomes dry, flaky and wrinkled. Skin wrinkles lose their elasticity as you age. This is due to a lack of mobility of water inside the body.

Fine lines and Wrinkles 10 signs that you need to drink more water
Fine lines and Wrinkles 10 signs that you need to drink more water

The primary connective tissue of the skin is collagen Collagen is mostly water. When collagen becomes inadequately dehydrated, the strands start to crack and they become joined together.Wrinkle begin to form on the surface of the skin. Remember, your skin is the largest organ on your body. Your body rids itself of toxins through your skin.    

3. Muscle pain / Joint Pain:

When the inner portion is dehydrated, it cannot support its share of the load, so more and more of your weight is borne by the outer ring, which simply was not designed for that purpose. This can cause pain, swelling, and even ruptures or herniations of the outer shell of the disk. 

Muscle pain  Joint Pain
Muscle pain  Joint Pain

What this means is that one of the simplest and most effective ways to reduce back pain is to increase your daily intake of clean, healthy water, and to be sure to flex your back and neck front to back at times throughout the day. Light exercise is also beneficial; however if you want to avoid back spasms, it is suggested to consume water before, during, and after you begin any physical activities. Don’t wait until you are thirsty to drink water, this means your body is already dehydrated.

4. Headaches :

Headaches may happen because lack of fluids causes shrinkage in brain volume. This results in the brain pulling away from the skull, which triggers pain receptors in the meninges (the membrane that surrounds the brain).


5. Dry / warm skin :

Damaged skin is very hard to heal . It can lead to severe problems if not healed on time . Water is the main thing that provide the appropriate moisture to skin. Not only it helps to retain the moisture of skin but also lead to good glowing skin.

It also helps to keep the acne and breakout of skin at bay .As water thoroughly cleanses your system , flush the toxins out of your skin which lead to healthy glowing skin.

6. Sleepy or irritable :

Even mild dehydration – 1.5% loss in normal water volume in the body – that can occur in the course of our ordinary daily activities can degrade how we are feeling, especially in women, who are more susceptible to the adverse effects of low levels of dehydration.
Sleepy or irritable
Sleepy or irritable

7. Dizziness

At times due to dehydration , dizziness can be felt . If this is happening very frequently with you ,this  is sign of your body to tell you that you need to have more water than you are in taking.


But it is always advisable to see the doctor if this problem persists with you

8. Itchy Skin  :

Itchy skin is very common in summers as our body tends to loose more water in summers . Due to which we are always advised to intake more fluids in summers . 

Itchy Skin
Itchy Skin
Only applying soothing moisturizers or gels won't help the itchy skin but you should also incorporate water with it . It is a common seen that for gym goers  initially they can suffer from itchy skin as they are not habitual of taking as many fluids as they loose while exercising.

9. Increased Sensitivity :

   Water deficiency also leads to increased sensitivity of skin .For example if you have less moisture in your body and go out in sun it will directly hampers your inner skin which lead to more sensitivity .
10 signs that you need to drink more water
10 signs that you need to drink more water
But on the other side if you are well hydrated it ll form a layer between your skin and sun to hamper it easily

10. Mouth Ulcers : 

Mouth ulcers are a sign of improper digestion or digestion issues . I remember my young days when i used to have mouth ulcers my mom used to make me drink more and more water ,not other fluids but water as it really help to soothes the digestion and help to heal the ulcers . If you are also suffering from mouth ulcer issues then should try drinking more water
Mouth Ulcers
Mouth Ulcers

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