Fab India Rose Facial Water Review

Helllooo , Welcome to my blog . Rose water is one such product which can be used in countless ways in your beauty regimen . I remember my Mom always used to ask me to use rose water for my skin , eyes , before bed and so many other times which I don't even remember . There are tons of rose water available in market these days .Rose water not only adds to your face glow but also acts as a natural toner .

If you are changing your toner again and again as none is suiting you , you should try rose water . It acts as natural toner and makes your pores less visible .
Fab India Rose Water Review
Fab India Rose Water Review

Product Claims :

Fab India rose water claims that its 100% plant based soothing water is collected during the steam distillation of flowers while extracting essential oils. 

Price :
  This rose water  comes with Price of Rs. 240 for 100 ml

Ingredient List :

Distillate of natural rose petals.
Fab India Rose Water Review
Fab India Rose Water Review

Packaging  ,Texture and Fragrance :

Fab India Rose Water comes in a spray  bottle which makes it super super easy to use and also make it any leakage proof . You don't need to take cotton every time you have to use .I just keep it on my nightstand and use it before bed . Because of its easy to use nature , I pretty much use it everyday .

Texture wise its just plain rose water without any added colors .

It has very mild smell of roses , which is not at all cheap or made up .
Fab India Rose Water Review
Fab India Rose Water Review
My Take oThe Product :

1. Its Super duper easy to use .Due to spray bottle i don't need to get a cotton ball to use it ,also cotton ball also absorbs the product.

2. Instantly gives me fresh felling after spray , In summers it feels like heaven when you spray it after a tired day .

3. Does not contains any harsh chemicals or added colors , so I am not worried for any damage to my skin.

4. Bottle in which it comes is of very good material . Sometimes the spray bottles break due to which you have to transfer the product in some other bottle , in the process quite product is wasted.

5. I have dry skin but it does not make my skin patchy after applying as some rose waters do in process of closing the pores.

What I don't like about The Product :

1. Pricey for a rose water .

Overall review and Rating :

      Do not hope for any miraculous changes by rose water . But it has definitely improved my skin game. Being on pricey side but made of natural substances i would give this product rating of 3.5 /5

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