THE FACE SHOP Herb day 365 cleansing foam Peach Review

I was about to  get empty out of my face wash , was the time i thought of trying a new one.As you know  that i have dry skin so i did not want to buy kind of face wash which will give me that stretchy  skin every time i clean my face  . In the search of the same i landed on THE FACE SHOP Herb day 365 cleansing foam in Peach.

Its not that i like peaches but this is the season i thought why not give it a try though there are many variants available in The Face Shop foam so you can choose whichever you like .


THE FACE SHOP Herb day 365 cleansing foam Peach  retails for INR 300 for 170 ml.

Ingredients : 

Colour ,Packaging and Fragrance  :

It white in color not pale or creamy white , i love the color of packaging as well the product inside  . I dont know why but the product color itself give me that refresh and classy feeling.

THE FACE SHOP Herb day 365 cleansing foam Peach has only one packaging , that is 170 ml 

Packaging is tube shape with a flip top cap , i would say very easy to use but its little bulky to carry with you outside .

THE FACE SHOP Herb day 365 cleansing foam Peach  does not make you notice any peachy fragrance but it has very light calm sweet scent which really not going to bother you .

Product Claim  :

Formulated wit peach extract this mild cleansing foam softens and moisturize your skin.

Usage  :

Squeeze out adequate amount on hands and massage on face to neck.
Wash off using lukewarm water and finish off with cold water

 1 . I used it twice a day before getting bath and in the evening after i come from office .
 2.  You need to take a tini tiny amount of product kind of pea size and it leathers very well to cover my whole face and neck.

My Take on  THE FACE SHOP Herb day 365 cleansing foam Peach  :

1. My first concern to buy this foam was not to get that stretchy dry skin after my face wash and to my surprise it really worked fine . It does not squeze that moisture out of my skin and did not dry me out of moisture after wash.

2. You need very liitle amount to cover your face and neck .

3. It works well on oily skin as well.

4. It very affordable or budget friendly . The tube lasts for a really long time .

5. The scent is very soothing and foam quite soft .

6. Clean the impurities , oil ,dirt thoroughly  . I can say that the road to my office is in construction and i get hell lot of dirt on my face while travelling and i can see a big difference after i wash my face with this foam .

7. Quite Hydrating .

Cons :

The tube is bit bulky to carry out .

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