NYX Lip Liner Pencil Natural Review & Swatches

Hello Gorgeous Ladies !!! Today i am going to review NYX Lip Liner Pencil in shade Natural . Lip Liner helps to properly outline your lips so that you can fill in the lip color or lipsticks  accurately without spilling over . It also gives a little plum look to your lips .

This is my first experience with NYX Lip Liner Pencil , I have not used any other shade before .

Packaging and Fragrance  :

Packaging is like normal lippecil that are available in market with colored strip at the bottom which helps to identify the color easily .

NYX Lip Liner Pencil comes with a shut kind of cap and you need to sharp it over the time.

Fragrance : No annoying sharp fragrance .

Price :

It comes in Price of $3.50 and In India you can get it for approx Rs. 450 .

My Take on NYX Lip Liner Pencil Natural  :

1. NYX Lip Liner Pencil Natural has a beautiful warm nude natural colour .

2.  The pencil is quite pigmented and it easily covers my lips very well .

3. Sometimes i use it to cover my entire lips rather than only as lip liner and it does a very good job .

4. If i use it as a lip color it enhances dryness and flakiness on my lips a  little more which i dont like.

5. Transfer Test :  It transfers little to no on to skin and  onto cups . You can notice only when you use it for entire lip , not as a lip colour .

6. Glides very easily , i dont need to swipe again and again to cover my lips.

Rating   :

Not too fascinating , so 3 /5 .

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