DIY Lemon Sugar Hand Scrub

Dry ,cold  weather , Washing Dishes and so many other hand task can make your hand dry and rough .Your  hands needs special care to remain healthy , soft and glowy . Dry and rough hands can lead to many  hand and nail problems . For proper care of hands you need to scrub and moisturize them from time to time .

Today We are going to tell you about a DIY scrub means one you can make yourself with 3 easy Ingredients :

1. Lemon 
2. Coconut oil or Extra Virgin olive oil
3. Sugar 

How to ?

1. Take a bowl of any size or shape ..or a jar ( if you want to reserve the Scrub for many days)  . 

2. Fill 3/4 of the bowl or  jar with sugar . You can use any sugar white or brown . 

3. 1/4  bowl or  jar  of   Coconut oil or Extra Virgin olive oil .

4. Put 12- 15 drops of Lemon in it .

5. Mix well all the ingredients and keep the bowl or jar aside to let the whole mixture sit .

Benefits : 

  • This Scrub will remove the dead cells or tan effectively from your hands .
  • Lemon has Vitamin C in it , whose properties are to lighten the skin , reduce pigmentation , remove dark spots or tanning  and it ll make your hands glowyyy 😍.

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