Grow Hair Faster - 5 Tips to Grow Longer and Healthy Hair

If you are facing hair loss you are not alone . Pollution , Diet , Stress , Hormones all this accelerate the process of hair loss or grey hairs . It's very normal to loose some strands of hair everyday . A study says you loose around 100 strands of hair a day but at the same time some of them grow back too. You will start noticing bald patches only if you are loosing hair faster than they grow back.

Here are some tips tricks from my experience that can help you to grow Longer and Healthy Hair.


1. Check if you have underlying Disease or Vitamin Deficiency :

  • First and foremost your body effects your hair growth , if you have any underlying disease such as PCOD , PCOS , Thyroid or Vitamin D or Vitamin B12 its common to have a hair loss.
  • If you have been through pregnancy nearly then also hair loss is quite common.
  • If you know what exactly happening in your body , that issue can be tackled and hair loss can be stopped.
  • Vitamin D plays a role in the creation of new hair follicles. Hair follicles are the tiny pores from which new hairs grow.
  • Despite of having summers for most part of the year , 80 % Indians are Vitamin D deficient.
  • To get good quality of Vitamin D absorb sunlight for 10-15 mins everyday before 9 am as after that UV rays are stronger.
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 Grow Hair Faster - 5 Tips to Grow Longer and Healthy Hair 

2. Clean and comb your hair properly :

  • Its very important to clean and detangle your hair properly .
  • Tangled hair usually lead to more breakage .
  • Combing your hair increases blood flow in scalp which help to grow healthier hair .
  • Don't wash your hair daily . Give at least a day's break in between 2 washes .
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Grow Longer and Healthy Hair 

3. Oiling  :

  • Oiling your hair gives them proper nourishment and strength .
  • Before every hair wash i oil my hair and keep for atleast 2 hours so that shampooing does not strip extra oil from my scalp .
  • Hair Oiling Helps Soften your hair , soft hair tangles less , hence less prone to breaking.

                   Is Oiling Good for the Hair?

4. Check your Diet  :

  • Include proper protein in your diet , Lot of protein-rich foods help in the synthesis of this protein needed for your hair.
  • Eat raw onion , not too much . Onion provide extra sulfur to support strong and thick hair, thus preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth.
  • As you might be already aware need not to insist to stay away from salty or junk food.

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Grow Longer and Healthy Hair

5. Rinse with Cold Water  :

  • Yes , Rinsing with cold water . Warm or lukewarm water open hair follicles which can be easily get damaged.
  • Just rinse your hair once or twice with cold water once your are done shampooing .
  • Cold water lays down the outer layer of your hair more smoothly, which helps prevent moisture loss, snags, and heat damage.
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Grow Longer and Healthy Hair

The main point to note that these above steps are only effective if you keep on doing them  . Once or twice following these steps will not help much. In order to have a difference follow these steps at least for 2-3 months , you' ll definitely notice a differnece.

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